Gas After C Section Surgery

Gas after c section surgeryAfter giving birth to your baby via a C-section, you might experience postpartum gas and abdominal pain caused by a build-up in your intestines. This is completely normal in the few days after delivery, but can often come as a surprise for new mothers when friends with babies neglect to tell you about this unglamorous baby side-effect!

Stitching the abdominal incision after a cesarean section

Gas After C Section Surgery – Related Questions

Gas After C Section Surgery

The weird thing about having gas after a C-section is in how your body can react to the pressure. Because your bowels will probably be a little on the sluggish side, gas will build up in your system. The pressure this will put on your diaphragm may extend up to your shoulders. Your gas pains could very well be felt in your shoulders.

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Watch this video of Labor Dystocia, Prolapsed Umbilical Cord, Cesarean Section (C-Section) – Maternity Nursing – L&Amp;D (Duration: 12:11)
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