Getting Toddler To Poop In Potty

Toddler scared to poop how to get rid of potty training

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Getting Toddler To Poop In Potty

  • Provide a Footrest. Make sure your child can put their feet on something while sitting on the toilet to poop, as it is difficult to poop when they can not
  • Create a Routine. Have your child sit on the toilet at about the same time every day.
  • Prevent Constipation. If your child has bowel movements that are sometimes big, hard and painful to pass, then they may just be afraid to use the potty to have BMs.
  • Reduce Stress

When Your Kid Refuses To Poop On The Potty?

QUESTION: Potty training advice needed … When it hurts to poop, a child will not want to go. Would you? The more we push your son to train (pun intended), the worse he’ll feel about himself …

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Watch this video of Potty Training Your Toddler | Knowing When To Call The Doctor (Duration: 09:28)
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