Hair Shedding After Giving Birth

The truth behind hair shedding after pregnancy

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  • Shed Hair

    While hair shedding can result from a stressful event that causes hair strands to fall out, hair loss is the direct result of a factor that prevents the hair from growing. This may be caused by your genes, immune system, a tight hairstyle or harsh hair care products.

  • Cat Shedding

    While cats shed all year, the shedding picks up during certain seasons. In the winter, cats grow a thicker coat. Once the weather warms up in the spring and the days grow longer, cats will start shedding that extra fur. Health Issues. Various health issues may be causing your feline friend to shed more than usual. These issues may include: Allergies

Video of Hair Shedding After Giving Birth

Watch this video of Postpartum Hair To Stop Postpartum Hair Loss/Regrowth Tips. (Duration: 09:12)
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