Urine Guard For Potty Training

Potty training seat for boys urine splash

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  • Urine Toilet

    Urine is extracted from the toilet with a 32 mm hose. This urine diverting toilet gives you a care-free ownership with its simplicity and unlimited capacity. With the renewed (2020) strong 12V fan, the toilet can handle installations up to 6 meters long.

  • Colli Pee

    Colli-Pee allows stabilization of collected urine. Urine contains useful and diagnostically relevant biomarkers to improve detection of infectious diseases, to uncover the molecular landscape of tumors in cancer as well as to research the human microbiome. Urinary analytes are susceptible to enzymatic and chemical degradation, supporting the .

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Watch this video of Pee Post Review – The Outdoor Potty Training Aid | Dog Potty Training (Duration: 07:52)
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