What Age Do Babies Potty Train

How to potty train a boy by age 2 heart of a mum

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    When to potty train boys depends on their readiness more than their age. Some boys will be ready at 18 months, while others won’t be ready until their 3 years old or so. Boys generally take longer than girls, and it helps to have them learn to use the potty sitting down first.

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    At Kids & Company, daycare workers do a toilet routine four times a day. At Moore Place, workers take kids in training to the potty every half-hour. McKiel’s centre keeps it very flexible. “We watch the children and make the schedule around them,” she says. The challenge with schedules, say all three daycares, is getting kids to stick to .

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    Five do’s and don’ts of potty training your toddler 1. DON’T start potty training at an age when you think you should. DO wait until your toddler is ready physiologically,. 2. DO get potty.

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    Once your toddler starts saying things like “I can do it myself"—particularly when it comes to potty habits, but also in other realms like feeding and dressing—they are probably ready to start toilet training. Your child’s independence can also be displayed as an interest in trying new things. Social awareness plays a role here as well.

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