When Do Kids Start Wearing Deodorant

When do kids start wearing deodorantMost kids need to begin using deodorant when they go through puberty. Some, however, do have noticeable body odor and need to use deodorant every day even before they start puberty. First Signs of Puberty

When does my child need to start wearing deodorant

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What Age Should Your Child Should Start Wearing Deodorant?

The current doctor ‘s recommendation is that kids should begin wearing deodorant by the fourth grade. This rule can be bent if your child is overweight, in which case he or she should wear deodorant younger. Kids can wear either deodorant or antiperspirant – it’s about whatever works for them.

What Age Did Your Child Start Wearing Deodorant?

Most children don’t need to use deodorant until they reach puberty—this is usually from around 11 years old, but can start as early as nine. There is no hard and fast rule on when kids can start using something to mask that unpleasant smell from under their arms.

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